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Day 2 of the Advanced Design and Manufacturing Expo in Toronto. Today I want to talk about the famous industry 4.0. Too often things get complicated, but moving forward with Industry 4.0 requires a quick and simple start to build your knowledge and experience in the field. For machining centers, the beginnings in 4.0 can be very simple!

Revtech is present at ADM in the kiosk of our partner Universal Robots. The demonstration cell is a robotic cell for loading and unloading numerically controlled machines (CNC). A Universal Robot UR10 e-Series collaborative robot with a Robotiq 2F85 gripper performs part loading and unloading in a CNC machine. Whether it is a milling machine or a lathe, the robot feeds the machine continuously, even outside the normal operating hours of a plant. No need for big production, batch changes for the robot are done in 5min!

This solution is a quick and easy first step towards 4.0 for several reasons. First we just robotize an application in your factory. Secondly, the robot is equipped with the Robotiq Insights software that allows the acquisition of robot and CNC data. The robot sends notifications by e-mail or text messages as well as different production reports that can be imported into your CRM for better management decisions.

In addition, Revtech offers the possibility of installing a Renishaw Equator that the robot can also feed throughout production. This equipment measures the pieces coming out of the machines and therefore immediately performing quality control of the final product. The details of the report can be transmitted to the robot, which then adds it to the different production reports. Again, this allows a direct follow-up of product quality for better decisions on the production floor and reduce scrapped parts. Thanks to the inspection report, we can also work on the tool wear of the CNC machine in order to constantly adjust the program to obtain parts within the desired tolerances.

See it for yourself!

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