In development

The Ultimate - all-in-one - CNC Loader to automate your CNC machine tending tasks!

Compatible with the Industry 4.0!

Do more with your current CNC machines and ELIMINATE THEIR DOWNTIME.

A simple solution that helps you to BECOME ATONOMOUS quickly with the technology and accelerates ROI.

Use HUMAN POTENTIAL in your value-added tasks
(optimization, setups, quality control, inspection).

Minimize production downtime with our text message alert technology and MONITOR YOUR PRODUCTIVITY in real time!

Key Features and Benefits

The RevFlex loader includes:

  • Intuitive UR approved software to reduce the programming time and complexity.
  • Steady robot base to avoid vibrations during operations.
  • Precise 3 points positioning to avoid re-programming when moving the base to another machine.
  • Connectivity 4.0 and machine integration control box for easy communication setup and easy add-on of other systems.
  • Easily customizable part presentation system on a cart.
  • Easily move your raw parts from the saw to the robot for production with the cart.
  • Robotiq Insights Software recommended for production monitoring and alerts (not included).
  • 1 Year Warranty & Support.


Revflex-M : Inspection CMM


Revflex-S : Sablage


Don't wait any longer, get your CNC producing 24/7 too!