Do more with your Universal Robot

Increasing its flexibility and reach!


RevRail is the solution to increasing the reach of your Universal Robot simply and efficiently. The robust design of this 7th axis allows you to install it horizontally or vertically. Customize your Revrail length from 1 to 5 meters! You can easily control the position, speed, and direction of movement using the software's intuitive interface on the robot screen!

Easily Integrated to your UR robot with the simple to use URCAP.

Customize the length to your needs. From 1000 to 5000 mm!

Multiple mouting possibilities - Horizontal, Vertical, At any Angle...

Do more applications with your UR - Packaging, Palettizing, Multiple Machine Tending...

What's included:

  •   7th Axis for Universal Robots

  •   URCap Software

  •   1 Year Warranty

Ressources (coming up)


User Manual

URCap Software

Do not wait! Do more with your Universal Robots!