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The success of our clients is our success.

Our Projects

Success story

Artisanal products and robots at Boulangerie La Fabrique

Boulangerie La Fabrique is a team of dedicated artisan bakers. They are committed to offering truly artisanal products. Several investments have been made in recent years, including a collaborative robot, to enable the team to produce volume without compromising on quality. Flexibility to adapt to different products and remove repetitive, non-value-added tasks was the key to the success of Revtech's solution to Boulangerie La Fabrique's challenge.

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Success story

Robots everywhere at NanoXplore

Specializing in the manufacture of fiberglass parts for the transportation industry, NanoXplore Division RMC has integrated several robotic technologies over the past few years. It's a mix of technologies that have enabled NanoXplore to advance its technology, overcome labor shortages and improve production quality. These include Universal Robots collaborative robots for a gluing application, ABB industrial robots for painting and cutting fiberglass, and many more.

Now it's your turn to let Revtech help you with your robot projects!

Success story

Collaborative robot doubles machine shop productivity

Thanks to a collaborative robotics cell implemented by the Revtech team, Usimax was able to double its production, overcome a labor shortage and thus take another step forward in its 4.0 development. 

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Collaborative robots in your machine shop

Wondering how robotics can help your production? Where should you start?

Machine shops have unique realities, such as high-mix, low-volume production, and little in-house robotics expertise. Revtech is proud to present this recorded webinar, in which we discuss:

  • The challenges specific to this type of company
  • The steps to follow for a successful robotics project
  • The technologies best suited to this industry